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  Jane Eyre is the history of British literature as a classic masterpieces, it successfully portrays the history of British literature in the first to love, life, society and religion are independent and proactive attitude and dare to struggle, dare to fight for freedom and equality of women image.

  All the women who love foreign literary works like to read Charlottes Jane Eyre. If we think that Charlotte writes Jane love only to write this lingering love. I think its wrong. The author is also a woman, living in the middle of the nineteenth Century in the fluctuating UK, when thought had a new start. And the most permeated in Jane Eyre is this idea - the independent consciousness of women. Let us imagine that if Janes independence has long been strangled in Jirenlixia childhood life; if she does not have the independence, she had and his wife and daughter live together in Rochester, began to have money, and status of new life; if she does not share of purity, we are now in the hands of Jane Eyre is no longer touching the tears of the classic. So, I began to think about why Jane Eyre moved us and loved it - it was her independent character and the charm of her heart.

  However, we can not help but ask, is this only one step to be independent? I dont think it is. After all, the independence of women is a long process, not overnight. It needs a thorough courage, like Jane then decided to leave Rochester, the wind rustling Xi Zhuang earth went to the Yi River is so cold, did not return bold and daring. I think this should be the most critical step, and it should be a decisive step towards independence. Charlottes Jane Eyre has left her stubborn character and independent personality to us. So she is a successful, happy woman.





  Holding the official business to deal with the attitude, it reluctantly picked up the long forgotten me to the winds of Jane Eyre, had to admit that my attitude towards reading the story of the ups and downs along with the development of the story, I was deeply attracted, when Jane was at the time, I can not help with a look of sympathy on the fate of the children, or in her eyes, this is the so-called sympathy for her contempt, she doesnt need, childhood misery let her dislike, will let him feel hate.

  Or the appearance of miss Helen and Tan poer made her learn to change, but in his spare time, we had to feel the ruthlessness and indifference of the society at that time. With Janes every time I cant help cheering for her change danger into safety, and when he refused to marry Saint John brave and adhere to their own true love, I was moved by her, when she has time to take care of the disabled in Rochester, not only give people moved, more is the shock of the soul.

  Every experience is more important to write a young girls emotional entanglements and the mentality, her heart contradiction and the conflict, her life of freedom and happiness of desire, longing and pursuit, the heroines passionate, contempt of custom, the pursuit of the liberation of personality, behaved most incisive.

  Janes body, have to live today with that in comparison, we are not lacking in Jane Eyre embodied out, either from the spirit or life, Jane Eyre at any point should be our learning model, is a model of modern society.






  Today, I am bored, I do not know what to do, walking and walking, my eyes inadvertently strabismus a book on the table - Jane. Love. Maybe the cousin forgot to take it, I began to see a little, I do not know what, I have a relish to see...

  After reading half of it, I realized that Jane Eyre was a person who carried all the misfortunes of nature and society to her. She started her life: she had no parents, no money, she was a poor girl, but she had a strong personality. I think of it, and I think I should be strong and confident.

  Yes, we should not give up in this way. Although he has no money, she has a good heart and a strong personality. So Im deeply moved. After reading, I understand a reason that rich is no use, if you do not have a firm heart, you will not be happy. Ones own destiny depends on oneself, not to let others turn our fate into a tragedy.





  The story is about the British country in the middle of the nineteenth Century, a heroine Jane Eyre. Jane lost her parents from childhood, and was sent to Mrs. Reeds home. She was often abused and had to be sent to a charity school. And the cruel education that punishes the body and save the soul makes Jane continue to be tortured by the spirit and the body.

  Because there was no way out, Jane became a teacher at school after she grew up. But all the time, she was thinking about escaping from the shackled life, and she applied to a manor as a tutor in the way she advertised. Jane Eyre and Mr. Rochesters views on many things very consistent, very congenial, taste of love. Love each other, decide to be married. When the wedding was held in school, it was revealed that Rochester had been married fifteen years ago, and the madness of his wife was kept in a room of his home. So Jane left Thornfield Manor, which later served as a shelter and Firth, rural primary school teachers. Jane Eyres uncle died, and she got a legacy. Jane Eyres cousin, who is looking for an assistant in Indias missionaries, wants to marry Jane Eyre, and she resolutely refuses the man who gives her feelings to God.

  The power of love so that Jane back to Thornfield Hall, but see the former luxury mansion has become blackened ruins. Mr. Rochester blind, single hand disability in the country. Finally, Jane and Rochester for the lovers.